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Allow me to re-introduce myself...

Welcome to the RCco blog! I'll (Morgan) be writing these so bare with me, since I haven't written in long format since college over 6 years ago. I have been toying with the idea to start a blog for awhile, mainly because I need an outlet to show you more than just candles. I'm definitely not a person who wants to be stuck in a niche, so this space will be all encompassing. A little of this, a little of that and as time goes on hopefully I'll get better at it lol.

When I started the candles 7 years ago, it was 1) because I love crafting and DIY and made the candles as holiday gifts and 2) because I've dealt with anxiety and depression since I was young and the only tried and true way to help ease those feelings is through creating and keeping a cozy, warm, and well-lived in space. As the years have gone by those pillars have gotten bigger, I've DIY'd huge bookshelves, discovered a passion of gift-giving, and found a love of quality timeless pieces.

The majority of my customers follow me over on Instagram, and I try to post here and there about things outside the world of candles and people seem to really be interested, plus I'm craving connection more then content which has led me here, to a blog. Very 2008 of me.

Tomorrow I'll be posting a full tutorial on how I did my IKEA Billy Bookcase hack, and some future blog posts are about how I incorporate my candles into gift baskets and just how I give my candles as gifts in general (because I know the old saying that giving candles as gifts is unthoughtful, but if there is something I'm NOT its unthoughtful).

PLEASEEEEE leave comments below of different topics you would love to see from me, DIY's you want me to try out, or just general advice, I'm all ears.

Morgan :)

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