P R O D U C T   I N F O :

When these beauties first launched they sold out in hours, back for a second time the grecian candle busts are extremly saught after! These candles have been a long time coming. I started working on them March of last year, the countless revisions and trials have proven that these beautiful greek statue candles are truly a work of love. Each one is unique, handmade, and perfect for your home. Once sold out they won't be restocking till next month!


D E T A I L S :

  • 100% soy wax from American grown soy beans
  • NOT scented
  • Vegan, phthalate free, and cotton wicks. 


T I P S  A N D  T R I C K S  :

  •  With these candles, the melt pool may vary, some test candles have tunneled and thats okay! It preserves the outside sculpture of the candle
  •  Keep your wick trimmed to 1/4". Always. I mean it. 
  •  Be attentive! Do not leave your candle unattended and place a plate under the sculpture to catch the melting wax 


E X T R A  I N F O :

  • Our candles are handmade and poured. Variations in color are completely normal and to be expected. Also, frosting and spotting may occur. 

Cream Grecian Bust Soy Candle

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