P R O D U C T  I N F O :

Imagine your first breath of ocean air; clean, soothing yet invigorating. Our Ocean Air reed diffuser is a fresh and airy bouquet of orange blossom notes with a subtle hint of musk.


This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including orange and lemon.


S C E N T   P R O F I L E :

Top: Orange Blossom

Middle: Ozone

Base: Musk


D E T A I L S :

  • 4oz
  • 100% perfume grade fragrance oil
  • 6 bamboo reed sticks
  • Each bottle lasts for over 5 months
  • Vegan and Phthalate free  


T I P S  A N D  T R I C K S  :

  •  Add reeds to the bottle.
  •  Flip reeds every other day to diffuse the scent throughout your home. 
  •  Be attentive. Make sure your diffuser is in a safe area where it won't spill or leak. 


E X T R A  I N F O :

  • Our diffusers are handmade and poured. Variations in color and fill height are completely normal and to be expected. 

Ocean Air Reed Diffuser

SKU: R006