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now you can take credit for having the best candles in the biz


We are seeking trendy, established businesses to carry Rockaway Candle Co candles in store. If your shop is a place people immediately think of when they're looking for something high-quality and cute to treat themselves or their bff, apply to join our wholesale team on our wholesale website

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Private Label

Candles are one of the leading products on the market currently, and with the constant demand for brands and businesses to separate themselves from their competition, custom candles are the best way to differentiate yourself. I created our private label option so you know that the product you are receiving is the best in the business and to help Retail Boutiques and Service Industries give their valued customers and clients a candle that is custom, high-quality, and well-made.
Going the private label route with us you will receive a cared for experience from beginning to end. With scent creation being at the forefront of that experience, your scent will not be anywhere else on the market. The finished candles will be perfume-grade, superior, and an intimate reflection of your brand.

Flowers and Citrus

"a cared for experience from beginning to end"

the process

Fill out the form below
Schedule a call to hone in on your scent
Take a fragrance questionnaire
Curate a custom scent
Design a label

and you're done!

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our packages

Semi Custom

Choice between 6 fragrances never used in any of our collections


100 8oz candles


Custom label

investment: $1,500

Fully Custom

A completely custom scent designed specifically for you


100 8oz candles


Custom label

investment: $2,000

Ready to move forward? Get in touch!

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