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Don't Be *That* Guest at Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK, I don't want to startle you but thats like, really soon. I've personally never hosted thanksgiving dinner, but I have watched my mom do it for years. I have seen how much money she spends on groceries, how much prep she goes through, and how exhausting it is to be a good host. Mama Mack always said don’t show up somewhere with your arms swinging. Just like there’s rules to being a good host, there’s rules to being a good guest!

Here’s what I would bring as a hostess gift:

Pumpkin Chai Candle + Box of Matches

Our Pumpkin Chai candle will burn beautifully on your hosts thanksgiving table, plus the scent will blend seamlessly to the food being cooked in the kitchen. When you pair a candle with a box of matches especially our luxury box of matches it immediately makes the gift set look expensive and well thought out.

Linen Napkins

Latt Linen has become a new favorite shop of mine. Dasha creates beautiful linens + soaps, plus she's local to Rockaway! I would do either her linen apron, her soap or textured tea towl's. Her Instagram:

A Nice Bottle of Wine

Personally I'll be going to Ship to Shore Wines in Rockaway, I usually buy bottles based on the label design (oh well) but for my host (mama mack) she likes a nice red wine so thats what I'll grab.

Small Batch Tea + Some Organic Honey

This Saturday I'll be vending at The Craftery Market in PA and while I'm there I'll be on the hunt for some tea satchels and local honey to round out the gift.

Easiest way to give your gift - put all the items in a basket. It makes the gift look more thoughtful and elevated plus the gift basket can be reused. I'll be sure to snap some pictures of mine once it's all done and share on my instagram: @rockawaycandleco

Real talk, I've seen a drastic decline in courtesy and thoughtfulness over the years. The life lessons of giving back that my parents taught me are often forgotten about by others. It's a beautiful thing to be thought of, and an even better thing to be shown. Giving a gift to your hostess this thanksgiving doesn't have to be expensive, shop within your budget because its the thought that counts!!

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