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Collaboration Collections

Hidden Greenhouse

with Tina Crespo

Tina is an artist, photographer, and most importantly a friend. I was so excited when she approached me with the idea of making a collaboration candle to announce her upcoming art show focused around a hidden greenhouse she happened upon in her town. We started with the idea of the candle smelling like dirt. But quickly realized that most people would'nt want a dirt candle. So I elevated it with a base of lavender, freshness of citrus and grass, and warmth of cedar and amber. 


with GoodForm Studios


You deserve the best in life and this candle is just that. We have partnered with GOODFORM studio to bring you this custom candle because of our shared values and desire to improve every aspect of our community members health + well-being. We hope nothing more than to make you and your space feel good and smell good.

Graphics and Grain

with Annabelle

Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 5.19.48 PM.png

Annabelle is a NY artist whose art immediately evokes feelings of warmth and sunshine. When I found her art on instagram I knew immediately the scents I would want paired with her work. Both Coconut Soleil and White Currant came out better than either could have imagined. Available for a limited time. 

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