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Product Info:
Immerse yourself in the inviting embrace of Oakmoss + Amber, a captivating fragrance that seamlessly blends the warmth of sage, orange, and grapefruit with the soothing essence of lavender. Rich amber and earthy oakmoss create a harmonious base, while the sweet undertones of tonka bean linger delicately. This scent is a timeless, year-round companion, evoking a sense of comfort and sophistication. Embrace the aromatic journey as each note unfolds, revealing a fragrance that embodies both freshness and depth.


Scent Profile:
Top: Fresh, Herbal, Orange
Middle: Rose, Oakmoss, Grapefruit
Base: Sandalwood, Blondewood, Amber, Musk, Tonka


Metal Roller ball 
Apricot kernel oil blended with our fragrance perfume oil
Solid glass bottle and wood top
Vegan and phthalate free fragrance

Oakmoss + Amber Perfume Roller


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